Why to do your internship in Tenerife?

Welcome to Tenerife, the Island of Eternal Spring! (24º average and 300 days of sunshine per year)
Tenerife, one of the 7 islands of the Canary Islands, is at the cultural and commercial crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Americas.
It is the ideal place to practice languages thanks to tourism, which is now the real driving force behind l´économie on the island.
Tenerife receives more than five million tourists each year, particularly from the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, who occupy 180,000 hotel rooms and various types of accommodation in one of the best tourist offers in the world. The hotel and services sector thus contributes more than 60% of the island’s GDP.

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After 20 years of working as a catering manager worldwide, I decided to move to Tenerife. I have been welcoming and placing interns for 10 years.
To date, we receive students from all fields of study who do their internships in small local businesses with varied activities as well as in large internationally renowned hotels.
Thanks to our internship tutors, our students move from the academic system (exams, marks, diplomas…) to a professional system (profile, skills, potential…)
It is a real professional experience, thanks to which they will know the requirements of the companies (profitability, costs, deadlines, feasibility, quality of service…)

It is with great pleasure that I await you on this island paradise for an unforgettable professional experience!


Age : 18 years old minimum

Language(s) : Spanish and English

Duration: 6 months preferred

Prices: 700€

Internship found and accepted + contact details for accommodation: Public price: 610€, including 90€ for administrative costs

ALZEA recommendations:

Finalize your registration 2 to 3 months before the start date of the course

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