Why to do your internship in Lithuania?

Not widely known a few years ago, Lithuania is more and more talked about thanks to its many assets: its lush nature, the baroque architecture of the capital, its proximity to many European countries, its low population density or one of the best Wi-Fi networks in the world.

Also, students coming for an internship in Vilnius will feel right at home. The capital is on a human scale and it never takes a long time to move from one place to another. Lithuanians are very welcoming and most of them are multilingual, which makes the country the perfect place to learn one or many languages. Finally, the city is also famous for its many restaurants and bars and its low cost of living. Once there, you will want only one thing: to stay there!

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Guilvic - Stage en Lituanie


Hello everyone!

My name is Guilvic and I am a French (from the region of Bretagne) who has been living in Lithuania for more than three years. After having lived in the United States, then in Scotland, I decided to settle in Vilnius, pearl of the Baltic, to open a receptive travel agency with my partner Kristina, Lithuanian, and thus make discover this wonderful country to French people.


Age : 18 ans minimum

Langue(s) : Anglais opérationnel

Durée : 2 à 6 mois de préférence

Prices: 700€

Internship found and accepted + contact information for housing: Public price: 700€, including 90€ for administrative fees

Privileged rates for students of partner schools.

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Finalize your registration 2 to 3 months before the start date of the course

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