South Korea

1. Why go to South Korea for an internship?

South Korea is one of the most dynamic and colourful countries in the world.


It is a destination that caters to the needs of students by offering an infinite wealth of cultural, professional, human, gastronomic and other discoveries …. . The world is increasingly interested in Korean culture and businesses that are expanding worldwide. Our internship programme offers students the opportunity to have an enriching experience in total immersion. By living abroad, students gain professional experience as well as personal development opportunities.


In addition, Korea contains some of the most important cultural sites in Asia, and students can visit hundreds of museums, performance centres and galleries. They can enjoy the variety of shopping streets and markets in different parts of Seoul. It is a place to party in trendy bars and relax with delicious local cuisine. A wide range of leisure and professional activities await you at any time of the year.

2. Internship in Seoul : Your Alzea contact

Photo de notre correspondante en Corée du Sud

Eunji Lee will be your pen pal

Hello, “anyeong-haseyo” I am Eunji Lee, program coordinator in South Korea.

Our team always tries to meet the expectations of the students and do our best to provide comprehensive services to make your stay enjoyable. Our service is not only limited to finding internships but we accompany you from the beginning to the end of your stay: For welcome, integration into daily life and also language instruction Doing your internship in Seoul with our on-site team will allow you to fully focus on developing a life-changing internship experience. This internship is an integral part of your career path and will be a great addition to your CV.

Internship conditions in South Korea

Age: 18 years old minimum

Language(s): English preferred – Korean highly appreciated 

Duration: 8 weeks minimum and up to 6 months

Fees – Course in South Korea: 1500 €

The amount of €1,500 includes a €400 application fee. Special rates for students from partner schools.

ALZEA recommendations – Internship in South Korea :

Finalise your registration 2 months before the course start date

3. Prepare your trip to South Korea

Preparing for an internship abroad is important. To ensure that you have peace of mind when you leave, Alzea and Qiti have selected solutions that are 100% compliant with the requirements of higher education institutions. Discover complete offers adapted to studies abroad:

South Korea is a culturally rich country. You can discover a breathtaking fauna and flora! After your working days or during your weekends, discover this incredible country located between sea and mountains:

Of course you will live in Seoul, a lively and very dynamic city. Here are some good tips: Good tips Seoul


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