Why to do your internship in Dublin?

What’s nice about doing an internship in Ireland/Dublin? Well, probably the most surprising thing for interns over the years has been the people of Ireland.

One of the greatest parts about Ireland is it’s people and their friendly, relaxed, approach to working life. The lack of strict hierarchies in the workplace ensures that everyone feels welcome and part of the team. There is less social segregation within the workplace and no matter the status/position of any individual, everyone speaks on a first name basis (not Mr/Mrs ‘surname’). Which is different from many other European countries. Of course, work needs to be done, but this friendly atmosphere helps interns to feel more comfortable in their role at work, as it gives them a sense of support while they’re learning new skills; they are made to feel welcome, and understand that a friendly attitude is the key to success within the internship.

Dublin City also has a rich & varied heritage with some very interesting cultural & historic elements. Then there’s the social aspect of Dublin – it’s not a huge city like Paris/London/Rome.. so it’s navigable by foot, and most of the main attractions, or areas of nightlife, are within easy reach of the city centre.

We don’t need to mention the weather

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Correspondant pour un stage en Irlande


I have worked in the student travel industry for almost 25 years, 17 of which have been spent exclusively on internships and work experience programs. I am based in Dublin and my job is to coordinate the logistics and practical arrangements for each participant’s stay in Dublin. I have met thousands of students in my career, but I am always excited about what each new participant will bring to the program. My job is never boring!


Age : 18 years old minimum

Language(s) : Good level of English required

Duration : 1 to 6 months

Prices: 950€

The amount of 950€ includes the 200€ application fee. Preferential rates for students from partner schools.

Alzea recommendations:

Finalise your registration 2 to 3 months before the course start date.

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