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Since 2005,  ALZEA has been a facilitator of international mobility within the framework of its internship or business mission. For each program, our teams offer an individualized service that includes: internships, accommodation, visa assistance, reception and follow-up throughout the stay by our local teams.

To accompany you, we are present in many countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In France, we have an international and multicultural team that knows the pleasure, but also the difficulties of living immersed in a foreign country. We are at your service to make your experience unique, enriching and rewarding.

Illustration photo - Alzea internship abroad and internship in a company - Lyon France

Why go abroad for your internship?

Training can be done online by e-contact and in an e-environment. However, learning to know the other can only be done through human contact, meeting, discovering one’s living and working environment.

For this, the internship is a privileged moment to add, on your CV, those soft skills that are so sought after by recruiters. You will be able to testify of your professional experience, your capacity of adaptation, apprehension of the problems, capacity to find solutions ….

Dare to distant destinations with our secure support, but the adventure can begin very close, on the borders of France.

An internship abroad is much more than an internship. With ALZEA this experience is:

The history of Alzea

ALZEA is an association under French law.
When I created ALZEA in 2000, I didn’t have much time to work on this project, working full time in a business school.
The project I wanted to set up was clear in my mind: to promote international mobility of students during their internship by working with local correspondents in different countries. Living abroad in total immersion is a fundamental and structuring experience, which guides professional trajectories.

Illustration photo - Alzea internship abroad and internship in a company - offices
Illustration photo - Alzea internship abroad and internship in a company - Airplane in flight

In 2005, I was able to work on ALZEA full time.
During the first years, I only worked on outgoing mobility for internships in different Latin American countries. Through my various previous professional missions, I had gathered around this project people with whom I wanted to work and who thus became the first ALZEA correspondents.
Over the years, the network of correspondents has grown, as have the destinations. Our school network has grown as well as the services we offer.
The association was structured around a president and a board of directors.

If we are still present after more than 18 years, it is because we believe in the richness of multicultural encounters and in the accessibility of knowledge.

Maintaining the quality of human relations, privileging teamwork and listening to others have been the fundamental values of Alzea since its creation.

Illustration photo - Alzea internship abroad and internship in a company - bike ride on the seaside at sunset

Welcoming and follow-up during the internship

You are not alone, the team in France and the correspondent in the host country will accompany you from your first contact with ALZEA.

We will be there to provide you with information, facilitate your departure, organize the reception upon your arrival and ensure a follow-up throughout your internship abroad.

Our French Team

Christine Drevet


Adèle Osuna

Head of the internship program in France

00_Photo équipe Association Alzea Lyon France - Ludivine

Ludivine Rabany

Head of partner relations

Aurore James

Administrative Manager

Chloé Miras

Internship in France program Coordinator

Pauline Menubarbe

Internship abroad program Manager

Angela Miguel Sebastiao

Communications and administrative support Manager