South Africa

Why to do you'r internship in South Africa?

“It still seems impossible, until we do” Nelson Mandela.

Doing your internship in South Africa is a real change of scenery. Living in Cape Town is very comfortable. You will be seduced by the creative dynamism and lifestyle. During your internship, you will discover the richness of a cultural mix, practice English and make significant linguistic progress. You will work as a team in a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere.

An internship in South Africa also means discovering a surprising architecture and culinary treasures.

In addition, many companies choose Cape Town as their headquarters or subsidiary. Your internship in South Africa is driven by economic activity.

ALZEA is a member of the Franco-South African Chamber of Commerce.

Your contact Alzea

Correspondant ALZEA stage en Afrique du Sud


My name is Nicky. I have been working for several years and with great pleasure with the students of ALZEA. I have therefore built up a large network of companies that I will gladly contact as soon as the ALZEA team sends me your request. I am and will remain your privileged contact during your internship in South Africa. Students are invited to participate in sports and social activities and many find the internship time too short to take full advantage of what Cape Town and South Africa have to offer.

Internship conditions

Age: 18 years old minimum

Language(s): Good level of English required

Duration: 6 months preferably

Prices : 800€

Internship found and accepted + contact details for accommodation: Public price: 800€, including 90€ booking fee

ALZEA recommendations:

Finalize your registration 2 to 3 months before the start date of the internship in South Africa.

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